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We help companies define contextual, fluid communications strategies to build credibility, visibility and sellability for their brands.



We help companies define contextual, fluid communications strategies to build credibility, visibility and sellability for their brands and products.



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A good and insightful post from Heidi Cohen about how social media has matured; some great infographics and the five elements businesses need as their social media usage matures. 5 Factors Reveal Social Media Maturity As social media grows up, business use matures. Early business pioneers on social media continue to hone their strategic approach to [...]

For startups, one of the biggest challenges is helping to get the word out about a new business and/or product. PR is a terrific and economical way to help gain visibility and credibility for new businesses which will eventually help bolster sales. Below is a great article from PR Daily that covers off some key [...]

Some great tips from the folks at socialmediadaily on the fundamentals of performing a social media audit: When thinking about social media strategy creation, where should a marketer start? One important component to be included should be a social media audit, where you survey the social landscape to find your customers, industry thought leaders and [...]

Some great tips on how to use Twitter more effectively from simplyzesty: With over 170 million active users and playing a significant role in media consumption, Twitter has turned into the go-to site for real-time updates and gathering snippets of info from those we’re interested in. Pretty much everyone knows how to put a tweet together and [...]

Some great tips from WebMarketingToday on how to get your social media marketing started: Many small business owners ask me for a plan before starting up on social media marketing. They wonder if I have a “cheat sheet” that I use. The answer is yes. I use a cheat sheet of sorts. This article describes what [...]

Some great forward looking statements from PR Newswire about PR trends now and into near-future: We’re well into 2012, and I think we can all agree that the new trends and opportunities for public relations are continuing to develop on what feels like a weekly basis.  At least I hope that I’m not alone in [...]

A great post from the folks at PR Daily: After using social media for a while, a lot of people and companies decide that they need a strategy. Of course, that approach is like putting the cart before the horse. To ensure success, think about your social media strategy in the context of the seven [...]


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